Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Developed by Dr. Daniel Goleman, based on his research and bestselling book Leadership: The Power of Emotional Intelligence


Develop the skills to ensure you are a highly effective, emotionally intelligent leader.

Emotional intelligence (EI) has become well known throughout the business world as a crucial component of leadership effectiveness. Intellect and business expertise can only carry you so far if emotional intelligence is lacking. Dr. Goleman’s EI model focuses specifically on the behavioral level, on performance at work and on organizational leadership.

Dr. Goleman shared his decades of practical research to develop this workshop that explores the EI competencies. Attendees will be shown how to use them to go from being a good to a great emotionally intelligent leader.You’ll get tools and techniques to help you deepen your ability to lead and become more effective in helping your organization deliver the results it needs.


  • Recognize the benefits of EI to personal development and leadership 
  • Understand EI competencies and how to develop them
  • Identify personal strengths/limitations using  the Emotional and Social Competency Inventory
  • Leverage appropriate EI competencies in utilizing leadership styles to achieve results
  • Create a culture that delivers results through effective work relationships
  • Build a developmental action plan that strengthens emotional intelligence skills

The Meaning and Value of Emotional Intelligence

  • Defining Emotional Intelligence (EI) and its impact on effective leadership
  • Understanding the brain and the emotional response system
  • Making the business case for EI
  • Relating the behaviors, impact and challenges of EI on workplace performance
  • Identifying your critical work relationships and their importance to your role as a leader
  • Senior managers and leaders who want to enhance their overall performance and create a healthy, productive workplace and organizational culture.

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