Leading in a Global Environment

Leading in a Global Environment

Adapt your leadership style to work well across boundaries and cultures.


Recent statistics indicate that most international leaders find cross-cultural leadership to be one of the biggest challenges they face in the global business world. While it’s not possible to master the norms and values of every culture, global leadership can be highly effective with the right strategy and approach. This practical workshop gives you specific techniques and tools to help you function across borders and cultural boundaries in a manner that reflects well on your leadership role. You’ll increase your ability to manage diverse teams and customers, command and demonstrate greater respect and establish positive global relationships that can help you accomplish all your goals

  • Increase your confidence as a leader when working globally 
  • Develop an ability to adapt to a variety of cultural situations 
  • Avoid unintentionally offending others 
  • Utilize a model and assessment to make culture-appropriate decisions 
  • Use a Cultural Intelligence framework to understand core differences 
  • Build partnerships and leverage the diversity of multicultural teams 
  • Collaborate effectively across boundaries in your current leadership role
  • Work across vertical, horizontal, stakeholder, demographic and geographic boundaries

Introduction to Global Leadership

  • Recognizing how global and domestic leadership differ
  • Universally acceptable and unacceptable traits
  • Exploring culturally contingent traits  
  • Understanding CQ (Cultural Intelligence)


Leveraging Collaboration as a Global Leader and Building Partnerships and Alliances

  • Implementing global leadership techniques for fostering global collaboration
  • Analyzing professional networks
  • Developing a plan to increase network effectiveness
  • Managers, team leaders, senior managers, project managers and other professionals who are in global leadership roles.

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