Leadership and Team Development for Managerial Success

Leadership and Team Development for Managerial Success

Does your staff have the crucial leadership skills that are key to a motivated workforce?


Managers who will be promoted are the ones who not only manage efficiently but also lead their teams effectively. The ability to do this during tough times is the acid test. Developing leadership skills is crucial. Learn how to work in a horizontal mode of operation…apply a consistent theory in leading your team…and teach critical leadership skills to members of your team, so each and every one of them can lead the team in your absence.

  • Understand leadership skills for managers to know when to manage and when to lead your team
  • Assess your leadership behavior and determine the best style to generate results
  • Clearly visualize your goals and communicate them to your team
  • Work in a horizontal mode of operation instead of managing only one piece of the process
  • Develop a high-performance team by first developing leadership skills
  • Use effective communication to motivate and coach
  • Understanding leadership style and the situation
  • Empasizing the importance of vision in aligning team performance
  • Integrating your leadership and managerial
  • Examining the leader’s role as motivator and coach
  • Distinguishing the four team types
  • Exploring the principles that make teams work

• Define Key Aspects of Leadership and Teams That Are Used Throughout the Course
• Assess Your Performance in Your Current Leadership Position

• Describe the Importance of Vision
• Align the Organization and Team to the Vision for Maximum Adaptability

  • New managers, team leaders and business professionals interested in acquiring effective leadership skills for managers.

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