Essential Management Skills Improving Your Managerial Effectiveness

Essential Management Skills Improving Your Managerial Effectiveness

Developing proactive approaches to meet complex challenges in the team environment.


Designed for midlevel and developing managers, the focus is on knowing yourself and how your behavior affects your own effectiveness and the actions of your team. You’ll learn key components of team dynamics and how understanding individual goals, values, strengths and weaknesses can lead to more effective style of management and overall team performance.

  • Ensure long-term business results by focusing on employee development
  • Meet the diverse needs of all your team members with proven communication techniques
  • Align motivation with work and personal goals
  • Anticipate and resolve conflict situations
  • Instill a culture based on trust, partnerships and respect
  • Increase dialogue and constructive feedback for optimum managerial effectiveness
  • Partner with your team to ensure long-term productivity
  • Use delegation to increase performance and individual growth

The Learning Workplace

  • Deal with significant changes
  • Assess your approach to challenges from your staff
  • Understand your behavioral profile and scoring matrix

The Manager’s Style—How Others See You


  • The four primary behavioral styles: relater, socializer, thinker, director
  • How to recognize others’ behavioral styles to increase support and communication
  • Style adaptability to increase your managerial effectiveness
  • Experienced managers with three to five years of management experience who are interested in enhancing their managerial effectiveness.

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