Bespoke e-learning development

Are you looking for a custom eLearning developer who has years of experience developing creative and engaging learning experiences?
A custom eLearning developer that will ask the right questions and provide assistance to you, to learn what is needed to prepare a quote/recommendation to meet the learning objectives and goals of your organization?
You’ve come to the right place! Choose Everest to lead your medium to large scale custom eLearning initiative that addresses your company’s business challenges and employee learning needs.
Like any training solution we design, our bespoke e-learning content:
Looks, feels and sounds like your organization – we comply with your brand guidelines and adopt your tone of voice
Is meaningful and relatable – we contextualize the content, ensuring that it’s recognizable and directly relevant to your audience, reflecting accurately your working practices and working environments
Builds confidence and competence – we use formative and summative knowledge checks and activities, combined with formal assessments to measure learning gain
Is engaging and enjoyable – we utilize the right blend of interactivity and media to suit both the training need and your budget
Is engaging and enjoyable – we utilize the right blend of interactivity and media to suit both the training need and your budget
Our creativity is 

underpinned by a robust project management and an e-learning design and development approach that is consultative and collaborative. Our processes have been refined over the years, are based on experience and embrace all the key ingredients for developing and delivering effective learning solutions. But that doesn’t mean they are rigid or inflexible. We adapt to your preferred ways of working and if your project meets the required criteria, we can adopt an agile approach. when you need to train a team on new products, a sales process, safety within your company, or compliance issues, the best solution is often a custom eLearning solution.
With Everest’s custom eLearning course development services, you control all the content. You can ensure that your brand image is communicated both graphically and in the tone and style of your organization. Your learners tend to have a stronger emotional connection to the material they know was specifically created to help them perform their specific jobs.
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