Conquering Today’s Executive Challenges

Conquering Today’s Executive Challenges

Be a stand-out leader who gets the impossible done.


Just when you think things can’t get any tougher, they usually do. Every day, the bar is raised as far as grueling executive challenges go—but who has the specific tools and skills to deal with them head-on, in the best way possible?
This workshop goes beyond those tried-and-true leadership legends to work through some of the most critical concerns facing leaders in business—like leading change in a tumultuous environment, getting an over-burdened workforce to work even harder and fostering an enterprise-wide mindset. Using case studies, individual and group exercises, you’ll learn more analytical and disciplined ways to approach your response to change. You’ll get insights and methods to help you do more with less, plus highly effective tools for knocking down barriers to the alignment your organization must have. Other topics no leader can afford to ignore—like innovation when the company has “more important things” on its mind—will also be examined through practical activities and thorough discussions.

  • Understand how to align your business units with the total organization/ culture
  • Get mobilized to lead and drive change—and obtain the buy-in and commitment you need
  • Create an entrepreneurial spirit that supports innovation
  • Use motivation strategies to keep people engaged when their responsibilities change or multiply
  • Develop an enterprise-wide mindset that supports both departmental and organizational goals
  • Navigate senior level politics and private agendas with greater success
  • Situation analysis: your operating environment and how to be a “just right” fit with it
  • Self-assessment: your leadership style; a personal SWOT analysis
  • Successful executive leadership: theABCDE Model (Adaptability, Behavior modeling, Communication, Decision-making and Enterprise mindset)
  • Motivating in quickly changing and difficult times
  • Promoting a uniform mindset throughout the organization
  • Inspiring innovation despite uncertainty and resistance
  • Influencing/managing upwards and handling conflicting priorities with ease
  • Developing your personal action plan
  • Senior managers, division heads, vice presidents, directors who recognize the need to upgrade their skills to match today’s toughest leadership challenges.

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