Boot Camp: Management and Leadership Essentials

Boot Camp: Management and Leadership Essentials

Get a quick, intensive drill in the skills every manager needs.


This course encompasses years of trusted wisdom and training expertise. It takes you, point by point, through the most vital, time-tested management skills, tools and strategies. You’ll complete assessment prior to class to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and others. As you work through each lesson, you’ll refer back to the results to pinpoint development opportunities so you can return to your job rejuvenated—a better manager and communicator with renewed skills and confidence. 

  • Master the essential business skills you need to succeed and thrive
  • Diagnose areas for development so you can quickly leap forward
  • Develop deeper insights into yourself and others
  • Achieve astounding success with every project, every hiring and every delegation decision
  • Communicate with clarity and purpose to boost performance and productivity
  • Identify strategic opportunities and take actions to drive growth
  • Build your power as a leader to energize your team and implement your vision

The Role of a Manager

  • Understanding the MBTI assessment as a tool to understand personality types and their impact at work
  • The eight roles of a manager
  • Applying the best communication techniques to different scenarios
  • Creating a motivational workplace

Performance Management

  • Hiring and selecting people
  • Coaching to boost performance
  • Delegating for growth and development

Project Management

  • Tools for planning a project
  • Balancing six factors: time, cost, scope, risk, resources, and quality
  • Understanding the human side of project management
  • All managers looking to jump start their careers or to reinvigorate their competence and skills in areas crucial to their success. 

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