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Advanced Professional Business Writing Skills
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Advanced Professional Business Writing and Proposal Skills

Course Overview

This two-day programme is an excellent introduction to Professional Business Writing Skills. The course will give you clear guidelines and practice on how to write better business letters, e-mails and faxes. You will learn how to plan your writing carefully, and how to professionally structure these different forms of business correspondence.

Course Objectives

What You Will Gain

Course Outline



Who Should Attend?
If you have basic written English skills, and want to improve and develop your business writing skills, this is the course for you. This two-day programme is the ideal way to learn the skills of good written communication. It is both informative and practical, with excellent back-up course notes that form a valuable reference source for the future. It is a course that is completely up-to-date and suitable for everyone in business who has to communicate using the written word.

Duration: 2 days
This will include tuition, pre-assessment, work book, course materials, certification, meal and refreshments, post – assessment and learning support for a period of three months.

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